Nails And Beyond

Don't take your nails or cuticles for granted. When you want to take a little "you time" and take care of your nails, come to Mancini De Paris. With a wide range of specialized manicure, pedicure, and paraffin treatments, your nails will look as good as they feel! When you are ready for a little pampering, our nail specialists will be waiting! Don't forget the polish! Manicure + Pedicure $49.
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Manicure $19
French Manicure $24
Pedicure $38
French Pedicure $40
Royal Manicure $24
Royal Pedicure $50
Collagen Manicure $24
MANCINI Signature Manicure $34
MANCINI Signature Pedicure $50
Manicure and Pedicure (French Polish/extra for each) $46 (extra $5/each)
Shellac Manicure $38
Shellac Manicure w/ French $40
Shellac Pedicure (Full Service) $60
Shellac Nail Polish $18
Shellac Toe Polish $30
Gel Take Off $10
Gel Take Off With Other Service $5
Nail Repair (One Nail) $5

Acrylic Full Set $40
Acrylic Fill In $30
Acrylic Full Set w/ French $45
Acrylic Fill In w/ French $30
Acrylic With Gel Polish $58
Acrylic Fill In With Gel Polish $48
Acrylic Pink and White $45
Acrylic Remove $15
Acrylic Remove w/ Service $10
Diamond Full Set $55
Diamond Full Set w/ French $60
Diamond Fill In $40
Diamond Fill In w/ French $58
Diamond Full Set w/ Gel $73
Polish Change For Nail $10
Polish Change Toe Nail $12
Cut Down Nail $5
Cut Down Toe Nail $10